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From Drug Cartel to Christ: Héctor’s Testimony

by 1 month ago

Out of that group in the cartel that I was in, there are only two of us that are alive today, everybody else is dead. I'm standing here before you talking...


How God Saved Me: Mike Morrow’s Testimony

by 11 months ago

I knew that God had forgiven me and cleansed me and saved me for Jesus' sake.


I Can’t Repent!

by 1 year ago

Still he insisted. “I can’t repent! I should if I could!” and the tears rolled down his cheeks, of which he seemed to go utterly unconscious...

Getting the Errors in My Theology Corrected

by 3 years ago

Josue testifies that until 2002 his theology had been full of errors. Yet in God's mercy he heard Paul Washer preach and the Lord opened his eyes.


From Going to a Catholic Priest, to Jesus Christ, My Great High Priest

by 3 years ago

Diego testifies of how he was trying to reform himself and yet he saw how futile his efforts were.

Alex Testifies of the Lord Saving Her from Hopelessness

by 3 years ago

Alex got so angry after losing her job that she considered committing suicide to escape her misery.

I Believed Facts About God, but Was Still Dead in My Sins

by 3 years ago

Mack Tomlinson had intellectual knowledge about God, but was still dead in his sins until the Lord opened his eyes when he was 19 years of age.


Bob Jennings’ Funeral

by 3 years ago

This is the entire funeral service of Bob Jennings (January 2, 1949 - November 6, 2012) apart from the songs that were song and the graveside burial.


A Liar and a Coward

by 3 years ago

If there was one thing that set me apart in my life before Christ is, I was a liar. I would lie more than any human being I’ve ever known.


I Called Upon The Lord, Ozzy’s Testimony

by 4 years ago

The first time Ozzy heard the true Gospel he thought "Wow man, there must be a catch behind this. How could all we must do is believe in Christ?" This is good news, and it is also good news that God regenerates the heart and causes us to walk and obey His statues (Ezekiel 36:27).


Never Give Up Praying for Your Loved One’s Salvation

by 4 years ago

Don Johnson testifies to how the Lord saved James, his oldest son. He was very obedient as a child but at the age of 17 he dove into sin and rebellion. Don's son decided that he wanted the world, and he proved that he was just pretending and had no reality of knowing Christ. Yet years later, after fervent prayer, the Lord saved his son.


Lawful Hobbies That Have An Idolatrous Place In Your Heart

by 4 years ago

Don Johnson testifies how the Lord granted him repentance to forsake his idolatrous relationship to his hobby of relic collection. Is there a lawful hobby in your life that has wrapped itself around your heart and has become an idol?


To Die in Christ Was Gain for Michael

by 4 years ago

Michael Clarke died of cancer on January 14, 2012, just over a year after truly being saved by the Grace of God. These are some short clips from his wedding that was over a month ago, and the testimony that he gave at Grace Fellowship Manchester a year ago.


Atheist Saved by The Truth of The Sovereign God

by 4 years ago

Michael was challenged with the true Truth while on a college campus and he soon came to realize that his philosophy and atheism could not stand against the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Stop Pretending to Be a Christian, Zoe’s Testimony

by 5 years ago

Zoe Williams testifies to the grace of God that saved her from being a hypocritical Christian. In this video she testifies to how she was simply pretending to be something that she was not.


Will You Trust in Christ or Yourself?

by 5 years ago

Some are trusting in their performance to perform well in not looking at self but at Christ, but they are still looking at their performance to not look at self and not resting in the performance of Christ. It is amazing the wickedness that prideful man will do to try to find rest on their own abilities. You will hurt and beat your head to death but you must give up!

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