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There are Many Deceived Church Goers

by 6 years ago

Greatest mission field today is the church, or what's called the church.


Should Christians Judge?

by 6 years ago

One of the most misused verses in all of the bible is Matthew 7:1, about judging not, lest you be judged. - So many people will quote it and say it to confront people about their salvation and sin in their life. Is it biblical for Christians to pronounce judgment? Is our cultures present understanding of Matthew 7 truly biblical? Tim Conway answers an Ask Pastor Tim question and responds with the scriptures.


The Gospel of Jesus Christ

by 6 years ago

Gospel simply means "good news" and what is this gloriously good news? It is that Jesus Christ offered Himself as a sacrifice to put away the sinners sin debt and satisfied God's justice and wrath. Do you understan...


Don’t Expect a Perfect Repentance

by 6 years ago

Many people say that things like "I cannot repent" or "I'm trying to repent" thinking that they need a fully matured, perfect repentance before they can be saved. But we are not saved because we have a perfect repentance, but because we are weak and helpless and cast ourselves upon a perfect Saviour. We cannot expect to see the same depth of repentance from a babe in Christ as we would expect from a person who has walked with God for 30 years.


Are you a Christian?

by 6 years ago

This is a powerful bible study were Tim deals with Christian assurance... what is so key is this.. CHRIST!! It's not about your performance, yet so many people will put themselves next to a measuring stick to see if they measure up... oh that is no way to gain assurance.. the question is! Are you LOOKING TO CHRIST!?


Are Overweight Christians False Converts?

by 7 years ago

Are overweight Christians false converts?


Sarah Edwards or Benny Hinn, who is the False Prophet?

by 7 years ago

How can we discern and test the spirits. Many people profess to have some type of manifestation in their life, who is biblical?


What Does it Mean to Live in Habitual Sin?

by 7 years ago

What does it look like when someone is living in habitual sin? How is it different from someone who is a believer simply struggling against sin?


The Problem is you won’t Repent, not that you Can’t Repent

by 7 years ago

The Bible commands men to repent. When someone says "I can't repent" the problem is not that they cannot repent, but that they will not repent. They are trying to blame God for their unwillingness to repent.


Charo Washer’s Testimony

by 7 years ago

After serving for 12 years as a missionary the Lord shed His grace on Charo and saved her soul in 2004.


Don’t Be Deceived

by 7 years ago

In each one of those places where it lists, where it gives a listing of Heaven-disqualifying sins, it says: "Don't be deceived."


True Repentance

by 7 years ago

In this video response Bob Jennings gives a short testimonial about his daughter being saved when the Spirit of God moved at a HeartCry conference. Bob exhorts a lot on the issue of true repentance, which is an issue many people are struggling with. Bob Jennings is a Pastor at www.hwymchapel.org

I am Repenting, but it’s not Working

by 7 years ago

I want to be saved so badly. I feel as though i have tried everything, but i dont understand your video on Biblical Repentance. If this is true, then what do we do instead?? How can i ever be saved?? I am in this situation (trying to believe enough, repent enough ect) and i have not felt any change. What do i do??


What is Biblical Repentance?

by 7 years ago

What do the scriptures say about Biblical Repentance? Many people are turning repentance into a work instead of turning to Christ and finding salvation. Acts 20:21 says repentance is turning towards God and putting your faith in Jesus Christ.