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Marriage and God’s Will For Young People

by 3 years ago

What is the Scriptural emphasis regarding the "will of God" for our lives? Often we think of it in regards to who we are going to marry or where to work. God is concerned about those things, and will lead us into those things. However, in Scripture the "will of God" almost always refers to the moral will of God. Ephesians 5:17, "So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is."


Should I Marry Someone Because of Outward Beauty?

by 4 years ago

Young men, we live in a world that tells you to chase a woman because of outward beauty.


If You’re Single, God Has Not Forgotten You

by 5 years ago

Do you say to yourself, “I'm single and God has forgotten me, He has not given me a spouse yet!” If that is you, may it not be so, for God numbers the very hairs on your head, He has not forgotten you.


Biblical Courtship Session #1: Introduction

by 5 years ago

In this video, Paul Washer introduces a teaching series for young adults and their parents on relationships with the opposite sex.


Are You Ready for a Relationship?

by 5 years ago

You must earn the right to have a relationship with a daughter of God. In this teaching session on Biblical Manhood, Paul Washer explains what a young man must be in order to consider beginning a relationship with the opposite sex. For more HeartCry Media, visit us online at: heartcrymissionary.com/


A Young Man’s Attitude Towards Women

by 5 years ago

Although our American culture has blurred the lines between masculinity and femininity, Christians are to be different in the way that they treat the opposite sex. In this teaching session on Biblical manhood, Paul Washer explains what kind of attitude that young men are supposed to have toward young women. For more HeartCry Media, visit us online at: heartcrymissionary.com/


Dating, Courtship, and Marriage

by 5 years ago

Paul Washer talks about some of the things that are so greatly deceiving youths in their relationships.


Time is Short. Don’t Set Your Hopes on Marriage

by 6 years ago

Don't set your hopes on marriage, but on knowing Christ and living for Him. What does, "let those who have wives live as though they had none" mean? This is a sermon that the family integrated churches need to hear!


Using Time for Eternal Things (in the Context of Marriage)

by 6 years ago

A sermon on viewing marriage in light of eternity. 29 This is what I mean, brothers: the appointed time has grown very short. From now on, let those who have wives live as though they had none, 30 and those who mourn as though they were not mourning, and those who rejoice as though they were not rejoicing, and those who buy as though they had no goods, 31 and those who deal with the world as though they had no dealings with it. For the present form of this world is passing away. 1 Corinthians 7:29-31


Choosing a Wife (Beauty is Vain)

by 6 years ago

Are you engaged to be married? Are you in a relationship? Is your relationship biblical? Are you merely attracted by appearance and personality? Or is the man or woman hungering and thirsting after righteousness and in deeper love with the Lord then they are with you? So many young men and women are lured away and distracted in relationships with sinful motives and sinful pursuits. Listen to this study and examine your own self. You do not want to marry the wrong women or man, there is no turning back. Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised. -Proverbs 31:30


A Biblical Husband and Family

by 7 years ago

A Biblical Husband and Family by Paul Washer is a needed message for today considering the great attack on the family in our day.


A Name Better Than Sons and Daughters

by 7 years ago

God promises those of you who remain single in Christ blessings that are better than the blessings of marriage and children, and he calls you to display, by the Christ-exalting devotion of your singleness, the truths about Christ and his kingdom that shine more clearly through singleness than through marriage and childrearing.