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What’s Wrong With That!?

by 1 week ago

God does not intend for the Christian to always approach everything they do from a negative perspective by asking, "What's wrong with that?!"


The Peace Christ Had When Facing the Cross

by 2 months ago

Christ offers a peace that He earned for us and that is beyond any form of peace this world offers, it is to have peace with God.


What is My Ministry?

by 4 months ago

So often Christians think "I've got to have a ministry", but do you know what ministry means?


Jesus Christ Our Great High Priest

by 5 months ago

Jesus Christ has taken the nature of humanity upon Himself forever. That He might be a high priest forever, to make intercession for us forever.


Christian, Love Your Lost Family

by 5 months ago

Christian love does not undervalue or disregard natural family ties with lost family members.


Your Only Hiding Place is in Christ

by 6 months ago

In your evangelism be so careful to make sure that you only point the sinner to Jesus Christ and no other place. Direct them to go to Christ at once, not to pray for a new heart, not to look for a feeling, but to go i...


What Are The Big Things to God?

by 6 months ago

What the big things are to mankind is not what the big things are to God.


The Weakness and Foolishness of God

by 6 months ago

For the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men. - 1 Corinthians 1:25


What Do You Think of Christ?

by 7 months ago

Asking someone what they think about Jesus Christ is one of the most telling questions you can ask...


God is Sovereign and Man is Responsible

by 7 months ago

If men don't come to Christ, their inability to not come is that they love their idols more.


Is the Gospel Offer Valid for Lost Sinners?

by 8 months ago

Once you stop believing that the offer of the Gospel is valid for lost sinners, then it only...


When Calvinism Goes Bad (Part 2)

by 8 months ago

Faith believes on the saving work of Christ as my only hope. If your confidence is...


When Calvinism Goes Bad (Part 1)

by 8 months ago

We must flee from any form of hyper-Calvinism that will be sure to squelch our zeal for missions.


The Weak and Drooping Christian

by 9 months ago

Therefore lift your drooping hands and strengthen your weak knees...


Life is Lived in the Local Church

by 9 months ago

As believers we are called to gather together as a body and to use our gifts to build up one another.


How Should I Use Online Sermons?

by 9 months ago

Though they can be very helpful, Internet sermons are not an adequate substitute for meeting together with God's people.

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