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Parenting (Part 8)

by 3 years ago

a. Fathers must not exasperate by being harsh. b. Fathers must not exasperate by being unreasonable. c. Fathers must not exasperate by fault-finding. d. Fathers must not exasperate through inconsistency. e. Fathers must not exasperate through neglect. f. Fathers must instruct their children about the Lord. g. Fathers must discipline their children.


Men, Pursue Purity (Part 7)

by 3 years ago

You have to be aware that there is this deep potential in your soul, to go on in sexual immorality, and to convince yourself it will all turn out in the end, that all will be well, and it won't be. Do not be deceived.


Marriage: How NOT to Obey Ephesians 5 (Part 6)

by 3 years ago

Do not obey Ephesians 5 as though marriage is the source of ultimate satisfaction.


Question & Answers on Singleness (Part 5)

by 3 years ago

How do the principles of Biblical Womanhood apply to single women?


Singleness (Part 4)

by 3 years ago

Before you are concerned about who you should marry, you should be concerned about who you are.


The Godly Woman (Part 3)

by 3 years ago

1. She is the helper to him as a companion and intimate friend. 2. She is the helper to him as the queen of the domestic domain. 3. She is the lover who shares with him in passion and pleasure. 4. She is the mother and nurturer who helps him in procreation.


What is a Real Man? (Part 2)

by 3 years ago

1. Real men are lords. 2. Real men are husbandmen (i.e. cultivators). 3. Real men are saviors. 4. Real men are sages. 5. Real men are glory.


Men and Women: Who are We? (Part 1)

by 3 years ago

We live in a day when confusion is rampant--both within the church and without--on the issue of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.