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Mercy for the Chief of Sinners

by 1 day ago

If someone refuses to become a Christian, it is because they count it their wisdom to not become a Christian. When in reality it is their complete lack of knowledge...


Fear: Should I Ride the Roller Coaster?

by 2 weeks ago

What is Revelation 21:8 talking about when it says the fearful will not inherit the kingdom? Does this mean I have to ride the roller coaster that I am afraid of?


Great is the Mystery of Godliness

by 3 weeks ago

It can only be known if it is revealed by God. The mystery of godliness is the mystery of Christ. It's a mystery that man could have never thought of.


Living Between Two Appearings

by 1 month ago

Jesus Christ will appear again in His return. These truths matters to us as believers, who live between these two great appearings...


A Venture into Hard Things: Part 2

by 2 months ago

This is the second of two messages in which Matthew 24 is explored. Jesus taught that His own generation would not pass away until the first part of this chapter was fulfilled.


A Venture into Hard Things: Part 1

by 2 months ago

Some have said that Matthew 24 is the most difficult chapter in the entire Bible. This is the first of two messages in which an attempt is made to try to make sense of this difficult chapter.


We Must Get Our Minds Off Ourselves

by 2 months ago

If we get our minds off of ourselves and get our minds on our brother's and sisters, and especially our minds in worship on the Lord Jesus Christ...


The Life of Faith is Not An Easy Path

by 2 months ago

You can't walk by faith when you're trying to walk by sight and hold on to where you are and who you are.


The Life of Faith is a Life of Dying

by 3 months ago

We see that the life of faith is not easy, but one of dying to that which is dear to us and entrusting ourselves to the Lord.


The Just Shall Live by Faith

by 3 months ago

As we learn to not trust in our own ability, we then constantly live on the reality of Christ living His life in us. That is, the just shall live by faith, as we look unto Jesus.


Laying Hold of The Lord in Prayer

by 3 months ago

When revival and true conversion happens, it is not because of some person taking clever initiative and having a new idea, but it is because God came in power.


Dangerous Prayer

by 3 months ago

Paul said, "The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet." One of the ways this happens is by us trusting the LORD in prayer and praying in a way that is dangerous to the devil.


How God Saved Me: Mike Morrow’s Testimony

by 3 months ago

I knew that God had forgiven me and cleansed me and saved me for Jesus' sake.


The Sitting Son of Man (Part 8)

by 3 months ago

The last portion of Matthew 25 is not a parable, but an actual description of Judgement Day.


Don’t Doubt in the Darkness What God Has Promised

by 3 months ago

If you're a genuine Christian and your going through a dark, dark place in your life, understand that you will yet praise Him.


You Are Responsible to Pursue Forgiveness

by 4 months ago

If your forgiveness is going to look like and be modeled after Jesus Christ, then you have to be a pursuer of people.

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