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False Teachers: Greedy, Legalistic, and Lawless

by 2 months ago

False teachers will tend either to legalism, adding works to be saved or majoring on the minors; or lawlessness,...


False Teachers: Hypocrites Who Misapply the Bible

by 2 months ago

False teachers often quote the Bible but they twist and misapply the real meaning of the Word of God in order to promote their own agenda.


False Teachers: Proud Men Who Lust for Power

by 2 months ago

Surely the number one characteristic of the false teacher is pride. They desire to control people,...


Your Only Hiding Place is in Christ

by 6 months ago

In your evangelism be so careful to make sure that you only point the sinner to Jesus Christ and no other place. Direct them to go to Christ at once, not to pray for a new heart, not to look for a feeling, but to go i...


What Are The Big Things to God?

by 6 months ago

What the big things are to mankind is not what the big things are to God.


Hyper-Calvinism and Missions

by 6 months ago

We must never forget that God uses us as the means by which to reach the man down our street who has not heard the Gospel.


The Weakness and Foolishness of God

by 6 months ago

For the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men. - 1 Corinthians 1:25


Gospel Faith Leads to the Fullness of the Spirit’s Power

by 7 months ago

God does not supply the Spirit to you because you have fulfilled some legalistic checklist of expectations.


Why Cain Was Rejected and Abel Accepted

by 7 months ago

You either try to come in the way of Cain and will be rejected or you come by the way of Abel and will be accepted.


The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Man Jesus

by 7 months ago

In this sermon Mack looks at the much forgotten humanity of Jesus Christ...


God is Sovereign and Man is Responsible

by 7 months ago

If men don't come to Christ, their inability to not come is that they love their idols more.


Is the Gospel Offer Valid for Lost Sinners?

by 8 months ago

Once you stop believing that the offer of the Gospel is valid for lost sinners, then it only...


When Calvinism Goes Bad (Part 4)

by 8 months ago

Hyper-Calvinism destroys the Savior, it destroys the Gospel message, and removes the willingness that God has to save sinners.


When Calvinism Goes Bad (Part 3)

by 8 months ago

My fear for our generation is that churches do believe and teach Calvinism, and yet find themselves no longer having a message for sinners.


When Calvinism Goes Bad (Part 2)

by 9 months ago

Faith believes on the saving work of Christ as my only hope. If your confidence is...


When Calvinism Goes Bad (Part 1)

by 9 months ago

We must flee from any form of hyper-Calvinism that will be sure to squelch our zeal for missions.

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