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Is the Gospel Offer Valid for Lost Sinners?

by 4 weeks ago

Once you stop believing that the offer of the Gospel is valid for lost sinners, then it only...

Have You Sought Counsel?

by 1 month ago

Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety. - Proverbs 11:14

Am I Gossiping or Building Up?

by 1 month ago

You will kill gossip in the church if you have a church that won't listen to gossip.

The Myth of the King James Only

by 1 month ago

Many adamantly hold to the “KJV Only” as being the only translation of the Bible to use.

What Do These Vague and Mysterious Terms Mean?

by 1 month ago

Tim responds to a question about what "Looking to Christ", "Being satisfied in Christ", and other terms mean.

How Should I Use Online Sermons?

by 2 months ago

Though they can be very helpful, Internet sermons are not an adequate substitute for meeting together with God's people.

Cussing Christians?

by 2 months ago

Is it OK for professing Christians to use curse words or listen to music with profanity in it?

What Songs Should The Church Be Singing?

by 2 months ago

Do the Scriptures explicitly command the church to sing from the book of Psalms and only the Psalms?

Where Does Sin Come From?

by 3 months ago

Carnal logic is ever so prevalent where men begin to talk about where sin came from.

How Do You Know Jesus is the Only Way?

by 3 months ago

You cannot say "Jesus is right for you, but not for me." There is no such thing as relativism.

Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?

by 3 months ago

Is water baptism a requirement to obtain salvation?

Reading and Understanding the Bible

by 5 months ago

What do we do when we encounter something in the Scriptures that we don't immediately understand?

Am I Saved? 10 Tests of Assurance

by 5 months ago

One of the tests of assurance in a persons life is how do they act when nobody is watching.

The Believer Bears Much Fruit (Part 2)

by 5 months ago

Many times people hear about the necessity to bear fruit, but some people may respond by trying harder in their own strength.

The Believer Bears Much Fruit

by 5 months ago

When it comes to good fruit in a person's life it is not so much about what they don't do as it is about what they are doing.

How Do I Run to Christ?

by 5 months ago

Many people hear the phrases “Run to Christ,” “Look to Christ,” “Come to Christ,” and they get worn out trying to run, look, and come.

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