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Highly Favored in the Beloved

by 2 days ago

If you want to know how to properly estimate God's love for us, then just behold the Beloved - Jesus Christ. He whom was held tightly and eternally in the bosom of the Father...


Authentic Christianity

by 2 weeks ago

Authentic Christianity is a thorn in the side of this popular culture of the world in which we live in. The light of Jesus Christ in you, will have an effect...


Christ The True Vine (Part 1)

by 2 weeks ago

We come to Jesus Christ alone, and look to His finished work alone, to be received by faith alone, regarding our right standing. But we don't move on from Jesus to begin to live the Christian life and bear much fruit....


The Law of Christ (Part 3)

by 3 weeks ago

The law of Christ is superior to every other revelation of law because it flows from His "new commandment" that we are to "loved as He loved." This Christlike love embodies...


The Law of Christ: Freedom From The Law (Part 2)

by 3 weeks ago

The Christian is not under the Law as a covenant rule of duty; he is "in-lawed to Christ." And Christ gives him a much clearer and higher revelation of duty than the Law of Moses did.


The Law of Christ (Part 1)

by 4 weeks ago

As a Christian, Paul is neither "under the Law" nor "without law"; instead, he is "under the law of Christ." (1 Cor. 9:20-21) That is, Paul no longer thinks of godly living in terms...


Having Peace Like a River

by 1 month ago

The peace of God is that which flows like a river; in that it is unending, refreshing, and life-giving. Paul calls us to "not be anxious about anything"...


Praising God For Our Adoption

by 1 month ago

In expressing to you the doctrine of adoption, we realize that somebody can be adopted and not really recognize what that is. Being adopted is one thing, but recognizing you are adopted is...


Appreciating Our Adoption

by 1 month ago

Many Reformed theologians consider adoption to be the very highest privilege that the Gospel offers. Yet, it seems that the church has historically neglected this doctrine...


God’s Kindness to Crippled Men

by 1 month ago

Think of it, crippled Mephibosheth, he is probably being brought before David on a cart or carried in by others to the king's chamber.


Chosen to Stand Before God

by 1 month ago

Man lost the greatest of all his privileges: beholding the face of God. Man’s sin hid the greatest Treasure of all from us. Man has been put out of...


Keeping Jesus the Center of All Things

by 1 month ago

The only safe way to live the Christian life is to be centered on Jesus and overflowing with gratitude. Those are two big safeguards in the Christian life; two ways to test ourselves...


The God That Chooses

by 1 month ago

Yes, but that also is not going back far enough. We must go back before our world the God who chooses.


The Vital Importance of Prayer

by 2 months ago

Here are six reasons on the vital importance of prayer. 1) Prayer as communion to God, is the goal of the Gospel. 2) Prayer as asking...


Spiritual Blessings

by 2 months ago

By nature man is cursed for having transgressed God's laws. The sons of Adam are a cursed race. For God to ever bless anyone who has sinned and broken His...


Worshiping God the Father

by 2 months ago

The worship of God in the New Testament always begins with God the Father. We are never right, balanced, or in accord with God's Word if our worship starts...

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