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The Great Change of the New Covenant

by 8 hours ago

There are many other things that were going to happen with the coming of the New Covenant. And they would've staggered the imagination of even...


Believers Are In Christ

by 1 day ago

It's very easy to read past the words, "in Christ", as they are all over the New Testament. Yet if we can really get a feel for how prominent this idea...


God’s People Are Saints

by 6 days ago

God writes His name on His people, and the name He writes is one that reflects His own righteousness and holiness. Believers are repeatedly called saints.


The Glory of God Displayed in the Gospel

by 1 week ago

The gospel of Jesus Christ displays the glory of God in the fullest sense. Man's wisdom could never come up with what God has done in the gospel.


Reasons to Accept the Differing Christian

by 2 weeks ago

So Romans 14 provides some very helpful guidance in dealing with differences among Christians in the church.


Swimming Where the Cleansing Waters Are (Part 7)

by 3 weeks ago

There really are things you can do to be splashing in the water that cleanses and there are things you can do that take you away from there. It is possible by your own actions...


The Law of the Spirit of Life (Part 6)

by 3 weeks ago

Brethren, what sin does, is takes the God given appetites of the body and turns them into deceitful desires. When sin seeks to reign it takes the desires you have and turns them against you...


Go to Jesus at Once

by 4 weeks ago

You see God has sent Jesus before you to make provision; all that is needed that you may live and not die, so go to Jesus at once.


Teachings of Jesus

by 1 month ago

The multitudes were amazed at His teaching; for He was teaching them as one having authority, and not as their scribes.


Listen to Jesus, But Not Paul?

by 1 month ago

Sadly many "evangelicals" are uncertain if Christ and Paul are on the same page, and in this message Tim refutes this idea and shows that they clearly are on the same page.


Evangelism: A Matter of Repentance & Faith

by 1 month ago

"Repent and believe in the gospel." Our evangelism must consist of such a message if we want to win souls to Christ. Jesus said to His disciples that if they would follow Him...


Holiness to Completion in the Fear of God (Part 5)

by 2 months ago

Since we have these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from every defilement of body and spirit, bringing holiness to completion in the fear of God.


Jesus Restores Peter

by 2 months ago

John Chapter 21. I want to speak this morning, the Lord helping me, on "Jesus Restores Peter." Lord help us now. John 21:15-23.


Towers & Terrorists

by 2 months ago

It's time we began to realize that we're the sinners, not God, and we're the ones facing judgment, not Him.


The Motivating Power of Christ’s Love

by 2 months ago

It was Christ's love for Paul that controlled his life, his decisions, and it is this love that must motivate us as well.


A Weak Conscience Seared by Legalism

by 2 months ago

People were forbidding marriage and eating of certain foods, and in doing so were searing their consciences. When you get a zeal for the Lord it is very easy for Satan to high...

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