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Why Cain Was Rejected and Abel Accepted

by 1 day ago

You either try to come in the way of Cain and will be rejected or you come by the way of Abel and will be accepted.

The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Man Jesus

by 3 days ago

In this sermon Mack looks at the much forgotten humanity of Jesus Christ...

Christian, Are You Refusing God?

by 2 weeks ago

Refusing God is not always an outright defiance like Pharaoh saying "Who is the Lord that I should obey Him?"

Two Mountains: Mt. Zion & Mt. Sinai

by 2 weeks ago

Mt. Sinai says "Do this and you will live." Yet Mt. Zion shouts "It is finished!"

The Sinfulness of Unbelief

by 3 weeks ago

Unbelief is a sin and it's never presented in the Bible as something innocent.

How You Help Me Be Holy

by 4 weeks ago

Having fellowship with like-minded believers is a vital part in our sanctification and being made more holy.

A Warning to Not Stray from the Gospel

by 1 month ago

Our emphasis must be on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for it alone will produce true godliness.

When Calvinism Goes Bad (Part 4)

by 1 month ago

Hyper-Calvinism destroys the Savior, it destroys the Gospel message, and removes the willingness that God has to save sinners.

When Calvinism Goes Bad (Part 3)

by 1 month ago

My fear for our generation is that churches do believe and teach Calvinism, and yet find themselves no longer having a message for sinners.

When Calvinism Goes Bad (Part 2)

by 1 month ago

Faith believes on the saving work of Christ as my only hope. If your confidence is...

When Calvinism Goes Bad (Part 1)

by 1 month ago

We must flee from any form of hyper-Calvinism that will be sure to squelch our zeal for missions.

The Weak and Drooping Christian

by 2 months ago

Therefore lift your drooping hands and strengthen your weak knees...

Strong Families Function in a Local Church

by 2 months ago

Strong families are those that are functioning in the local church...

Do You Truly Know the Lord?

by 2 months ago

Paul Washer takes us to II Corinthians 5 to challenge us to check our hearts and see if we have a true relationship with the Lord.

This I Recall to My Mind

by 2 months ago

This I recall to my mind, Therefore I have hope. The Lord's loving kindnesses indeed never cease,

Honor the Lord With Your Wealth

by 2 months ago

Wisdom is applying knowledge in a way that honors the Lord. Giving your wealth to honor the Lord is the highest motive of how we can use our money. Is your giving honor driven? That is wisdom.

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