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Don’t Turn Faith or Confessing Into a Work

by 1 week ago

The error is common, though subtle, of thinking one’s believing or confessing Christ contributes towards being right with God.


Great is the Mystery of Godliness

by 2 weeks ago

It can only be known if it is revealed by God. The mystery of godliness is the mystery of Christ. It's a mystery that man could have never thought of.


The Narrow Way to Life

by 3 weeks ago

Yet on the narrow way to life one is bound to Jesus Christ and reliant on Him. There are going to be such powers that are going to resist you in this world...


You Are the Salt of the Earth

by 1 month ago

As believers it is important at times to do spiritual inventory, and to do it specifically on our "saltiness" and whether or not we are losing any of our taste...


Living Between Two Appearings

by 1 month ago

Jesus Christ will appear again in His return. These truths matters to us as believers, who live between these two great appearings...


The Word of God Is Not Bound

by 1 month ago

You may silence the messenger, but the message of the Gospel can't be stopped. This is illustrated in the life of John the Baptist and in the earthly life...


Deliberate Holiness (Psalm 119:57)

by 2 months ago

David's attitude of deliberate holiness is impressive and something we should imitate. He is purposeful in his pursuit of holiness when he says in Psalm 119, “I promise to keep your words.”


Four Pillars of Walking with God

by 2 months ago

Joy is not the result of obedience, joy is the result of what God has done. So now your joy is fixed on a fixed and stable source.


A Venture into Hard Things: Part 2

by 2 months ago

This is the second of two messages in which Matthew 24 is explored. Jesus taught that His own generation would not pass away until the first part of this chapter was fulfilled.


A Venture into Hard Things: Part 1

by 2 months ago

Some have said that Matthew 24 is the most difficult chapter in the entire Bible. This is the first of two messages in which an attempt is made to try to make sense of this difficult chapter.


The Life of Faith is Not An Easy Path

by 2 months ago

You can't walk by faith when you're trying to walk by sight and hold on to where you are and who you are.


The Life of Faith is a Life of Dying

by 2 months ago

We see that the life of faith is not easy, but one of dying to that which is dear to us and entrusting ourselves to the Lord.


The Futility of the Mind

by 3 months ago

Futility of mind is when a man is forever and always trying to figure out how to be happy, while he is an enemy of God.


The Just Shall Live by Faith

by 3 months ago

As we learn to not trust in our own ability, we then constantly live on the reality of Christ living His life in us. That is, the just shall live by faith, as we look unto Jesus.


Dangerous Prayer

by 3 months ago

Paul said, "The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet." One of the ways this happens is by us trusting the LORD in prayer and praying in a way that is dangerous to the devil.


Do Your Words Fit the Occasion?

by 3 months ago

Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.

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