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Present Your Bodies as a Living Sacrifice

by 11 hours ago

What is it that causes some people to have such extraordinary devotion to Christ? It is because they understand more of who God is.


How We Grow in Our Love of God

by 2 days ago

There is a Biblical way to grow in the love of God, and it is not to pull yourself up in your own strength and try to force yourself to love God more.


The Second Coming of Jesus Christ (Part 5)

by 4 days ago

This sermon follows our Lord's teaching on His Second Coming from Luke 17. Our Lord is very clear that His coming is going to be public...


Light from the Cross

by 2 weeks ago

What happened on the cross? We see four amazing things: the darkness in the sky, his two cries from the cross, and the tearing of the veil. This is holy powerful truth for our souls.


To War With Our Assurance

by 2 weeks ago

Once the writer John gets us to where we have assurance, he then doesn't have us sit there with our assurance but sends us to the battlefield.


One New Man in the Place of the Two (Part 4)

by 4 weeks ago

Many make a radical distinction between the church and Israel, but such a distinction simply does not exist as can be seen by the Apostle Paul's words in Ephesians 2.


Who is True Israel? (Part 3)

by 1 month ago

The Bible teaches us that every single promise in the Old Testament that applied to a Jew also applies to us who are in Jesus Christ.


This Age and The Age to Come (Part 2)

by 1 month ago

When we study eschatology we must not first launch out into the complex "calculus" of Daniel, Ezekiel, and Revelation.


5 Reasons an Amillennialist Should Preach on Eschatology (Part 1)

by 1 month ago

Why preach a series on eschatology? First, because Dispensational Premillennialism commandeers many of the promises that belong to the church.


Peter’s Exhortation to Elders

by 1 month ago

The pastor shepherds God's sheep not with rigor and severity, but with love and humility; not as temporal lords but as spiritual guides, especially by example.


God’s Testimony Must Be In Us

by 2 months ago

1 John 5:10 says, "Whoever believes in the Son of God has the testimony in himself." - John clearly teaches us that God's testimony is internalized.


Non-burdensome Christianity

by 2 months ago

You basically have two kinds of professing Christians in the world: those who are deceived and find God's commandments burdensome...


Who Do You Say Jesus Is?

by 2 months ago

Jesus is a historical person who made massive claims about himself – we must all answer this question: Who do you say Jesus is?


Soldiers of Christ

by 2 months ago

We are engaged in spiritual warfare and we must go out into the battle and be on the offensive by doing evangelism...


True Christianity is Always the Activity of God

by 2 months ago

True Christianity is always the activity of God and our faith is a reaction to God's initial call.


Perfect Love

by 3 months ago

Perfect love is the result of God's love being perfected in us. This is not something unreachable, or unobtainable.

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