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God’s Unlimited Resources for the Believer’s Holiness

by 2 weeks ago

How can we pray that with confidence? Because God's unlimited resources are available for the believer's holiness and conformity to Jesus Christ.


Children: Do You Know The Gospel?

by 3 weeks ago

Children, I wonder if you know what the Gospel is? The Gospel. I hope that one thing we will be able to leave you is that when we talk about the Gospel...


Prayer that Tears the Roof Off if Necessary

by 1 month ago

Here they said we're not going to turn back, we will tear the roof off if necessary. We're going to get him in there to Jesus. And he went home walking...


The Nearness of God is My Good

by 1 month ago

That's the issue. That's always the issue. The nearness of God is my good. So, if I'm gonna cleanse myself let me put myself there, near to God.


Racism is Opposed to God

by 1 month ago

The division that is created in racism is part of a system that is organized against God. Racism opposes the love of God the Father. Our greatest identity is not our skin color...


Nothing Can Stop The Gospel

by 1 month ago

Islam will never wipe out Christianity. Why? Because the power of God is in this.


Searching the Bible as for Hidden Gold

by 1 month ago

"If you seek it like silver and search for it as for hidden treasures, then you will understand the fear of the LORD and find the knowledge of God."


The Desperate Cry of a Lost Sheep

by 2 months ago

The Shepherd cannot resist the desperate cry of a lost sheep who wants Him alone. He will go to great lengths to save that sheep from the peril of death that he faces.


The Truth of the Roman Catholic Church

by 3 months ago

If I trust in Christ's finished work, in His once and for all sacrifice, and that justifies me in the sight of God; then there is no place for purgatory whatsoever. The Catholic teaching...


Soft Americans Have Instant Everything

by 3 months ago

Everything is instant, we want it now. We're very entertained people. We're a very soft people. Let's just call it what it is.


“Honestly Wrestling” With the Problem of God’s Existence?

by 4 months ago

The Bible never views unbelief as something excusable. I get so tired of hearing this thing of, "Honestly wrestling with the problem." The idea is that something happens...


Nosy Christian: Mind Your Own Business

by 4 months ago

How much are we carnally curious about other people's issues when we haven't even fully dealt with our own, and we aren't fully obeying Christ as to what He's shown us to do.


Is Your Faith Directed Towards Yourself or to Christ?

by 4 months ago

We are not called to have faith in our faith. There is a different object of faith that the writer of Hebrews is pleading with you here in verse...


A Conscience Led by the Word of God Alone

by 4 months ago

Believing in the sufficiency of Scripture not only means that you say all the scripture says, but that you don't say what the scripture doesn't say. Because if God shuts his mouth...


You’re Dead to Sin, But Still at War

by 6 months ago

Sin will plead to you and say, "Just spare me, I'm just a little one!" But give it no accommodation. Remember, you're dead to sin. You can do this clinging to Christ.


God’s Will vs. Your Will

by 6 months ago

If in your heart you're not truly sold out to God's will, you are going to misinterpret your will as if it's God's will.

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