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Listen to Jesus, But Not Paul?

by 1 day ago

Sadly many “evangelicals” are uncertain if Christ and Paul are on the same page, and in this message Tim refutes this idea.


There is Another World – Mike Morrow | 1948 – 2016

by 3 days ago

He was a man of whom the world was not worthy. Today the sickness that he was battling has taken his life. He has departed to be with Christ which is far better.


Soft Americans Have Instant Everything

by 4 days ago

Everything is instant, we want it now. We're very entertained people. We're a very soft people. Let's just call it what it is.


Evangelism: A Matter of Repentance & Faith

by 6 days ago

"Repent and believe in the gospel." Our evangelism must consist of such a message if we want to win souls to Christ. Jesus said to His disciples that if they would follow Him...


Holiness to Completion in the Fear of God (Part 5)

by 1 week ago

Since we have these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from every defilement of body and spirit, bringing holiness to completion in the fear of God.


“Honestly Wrestling” With the Problem of God’s Existence?

by 1 week ago

The Bible never views unbelief as something excusable. I get so tired of hearing this thing of, "Honestly wrestling with the problem." The idea is that something happens...


Lordship: All Christians Are Disciples

by 1 week ago

It appears that you are saying that one can be a Christian, a convert, and yet not be a disciple. I would say that all Christians are disciples.


Nosy Christian: Mind Your Own Business

by 2 weeks ago

How much are we carnally curious about other people's issues when we haven't even fully dealt with our own, and we aren't fully obeying Christ as to what He's shown us to do.


Is Your Faith Directed Towards Yourself or to Christ?

by 2 weeks ago

We are not called to have faith in our faith. There is a different object of faith that the writer of Hebrews is pleading with you here in verse...


Jesus Restores Peter

by 2 weeks ago

John Chapter 21. I want to speak this morning, the Lord helping me, on "Jesus Restores Peter." Lord help us now. John 21:15-23.


Towers & Terrorists

by 3 weeks ago

It's time we began to realize that we're the sinners, not God, and we're the ones facing judgment, not Him.


The Motivating Power of Christ’s Love

by 3 weeks ago

It was Christ's love for Paul that controlled his life, his decisions, and it is this love that must motivate us as well.


Missions in Our Own Weakness

by 4 weeks ago

One of the greatest blessings that God can give us is in teaching us that we're not in control. It's His kingdom, and it's His glory.


A Conscience Led by the Word of God Alone

by 4 weeks ago

Believing in the sufficiency of Scripture not only means that you say all the scripture says, but that you don't say what the scripture doesn't say. Because if God shuts his mouth...


A Weak Conscience Seared by Legalism

by 1 month ago

People were forbidding marriage and eating of certain foods, and in doing so were searing their consciences. When you get a zeal for the Lord it is very easy for Satan to high...


Do You View Holiness Like a Pharisee?

by 1 month ago

When you're around unbelievers and your lost family members, what kind of impression are you giving them of Christianity? One of Jesus or one of a Pharisee?

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