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Persistence is Necessary

by 9 hours ago

Yet in these parables the Lord Jesus is telling us ahead of time that persistence is necessary in the Christian life.


The Great Change of the New Covenant

by 3 days ago

There are many other things that were going to happen with the coming of the New Covenant. And they would've staggered the imagination of even...


Believers Are In Christ

by 4 days ago

It's very easy to read past the words, "in Christ", as they are all over the New Testament. Yet if we can really get a feel for how prominent this idea...


The Truth Sets You Free from Sexual Lust

by 6 days ago

If a believer who fights against sexual lust can but look and realize that resisting temptation here is but for a moment. Yet in a brief vapor...



by 1 week ago

One of the worst forms of Isolationism is the “One Man Empire.” Often it begins something like this: A preacher notes a weakness...


God’s People Are Saints

by 1 week ago

God writes His name on His people, and the name He writes is one that reflects His own righteousness and holiness. Believers are repeatedly called saints.


The Glory of God Displayed in the Gospel

by 1 week ago

The gospel of Jesus Christ displays the glory of God in the fullest sense. Man's wisdom could never come up with what God has done in the gospel.


Are There Two Judgments?

by 2 weeks ago

It sound like there's a judgment at the very end, and also a judgment immediately after a person's death. Does this mean that there are two judgments?


The Desperate Cry of a Lost Sheep

by 2 weeks ago

The Shepherd cannot resist the desperate cry of a lost sheep who wants Him alone. He will go to great lengths to save that sheep from the peril of death that he faces.


Event: The Law of Christ – June 25th in Nebraska

by 3 weeks ago

On June 25th there will be a free event in Doniphan, Nebraska, in which Charles Leiter will share for three sessions on the Law of Christ. In the foreword to the book on the same material...


Reasons to Accept the Differing Christian

by 3 weeks ago

So Romans 14 provides some very helpful guidance in dealing with differences among Christians in the church.


Swimming Where the Cleansing Waters Are (Part 7)

by 3 weeks ago

There really are things you can do to be splashing in the water that cleanses and there are things you can do that take you away from there. It is possible by your own actions...


The Law of the Spirit of Life (Part 6)

by 3 weeks ago

Brethren, what sin does, is takes the God given appetites of the body and turns them into deceitful desires. When sin seeks to reign it takes the desires you have and turns them against you...


Thoughts on Marriage for Newlyweds

by 4 weeks ago

The secret of a lasting marriage and a happy marriage is in perpetually, continually, habitually giving God the number one position, purpose and passion in your lives and marriage.


Go to Jesus at Once

by 1 month ago

You see God has sent Jesus before you to make provision; all that is needed that you may live and not die, so go to Jesus at once.


Daniel’s 70 Weeks (Part 11)

by 1 month ago

The last four verses of Daniel 9 are rich with prophecy concerning the great atoning work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Many try to find the anti-Christ in these verses, but it is Christ we need to look for here.

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