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Spiritual Blessings

by 21 hours ago

By nature man is cursed for having transgressed God's laws. The sons of Adam are a cursed race. For God to ever bless anyone who has sinned and broken His...


Worshiping God the Father

by 4 days ago

The worship of God in the New Testament always begins with God the Father. We are never right, balanced, or in accord with God's Word if our worship starts...


Prayer that Tears the Roof Off if Necessary

by 6 days ago

Here they said we're not going to turn back, we will tear the roof off if necessary. We're going to get him in there to Jesus. And he went home walking...


The Nearness of God is My Good

by 1 week ago

That's the issue. That's always the issue. The nearness of God is my good. So, if I'm gonna cleanse myself let me put myself there, near to God.



by 1 week ago

Introspectionism has its seekers looking, not at Christ as their hope, but their repentance. Thus repentance itself becomes a fetish.


Busyness Leads to God Hiding Himself?

by 1 week ago

At times when someone asks, "How do I deal with the hiddenness of God?" it is not God hiding Himself from us, but our own sin or busyness and neglect of the Lord that is the problem.


I Lay Down and Slept

by 2 weeks ago

I cried unto the Lord with my voice, and he heard me out of his holy hill. I laid me down and slept; I awaked; for the Lord sustained me.


Racism is Opposed to God

by 2 weeks ago

The division that is created in racism is part of a system that is organized against God. Racism opposes the love of God the Father. Our greatest identity is not our skin color...


Nothing Can Stop The Gospel

by 2 weeks ago

Islam will never wipe out Christianity. Why? Because the power of God is in this.


Grace to You and Peace

by 2 weeks ago

When we read, "grace to you and peace from God..." (Eph. 1:2) we don't want to think it's just a salutation. We have to watch out for familiarity to set in...


Discipleship – Exclusive Allegiance

by 2 weeks ago

Jesus gave a call to radical discipleship, to exclusive allegiance. The call to become a Christian is a call to have Jesus be our Lord and our God.


Searching the Bible as for Hidden Gold

by 3 weeks ago

"If you seek it like silver and search for it as for hidden treasures, then you will understand the fear of the LORD and find the knowledge of God."


Persistence is Necessary

by 3 weeks ago

Yet in these parables the Lord Jesus is telling us ahead of time that persistence is necessary in the Christian life.


The Great Change of the New Covenant

by 4 weeks ago

There are many other things that were going to happen with the coming of the New Covenant. And they would've staggered the imagination of even...


Believers Are In Christ

by 4 weeks ago

It's very easy to read past the words, "in Christ", as they are all over the New Testament. Yet if we can really get a feel for how prominent this idea...


The Truth Sets You Free from Sexual Lust

by 1 month ago

If a believer who fights against sexual lust can but look and realize that resisting temptation here is but for a moment. Yet in a brief vapor...

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